Markus Lanz
Photographer, Architect, Urbanist
+49 (0)179 1295812

Born in 1965, architect, working as an urbanist and photographer in Munich and Brasilia. Teaching at the TUM and the HM in Munich; was visiting professor of Architectural Space and Photography at TUM and at the UPC in Barcelona.

Photography: exhibition, publication (selection) (2014) Spaces of Lina Bo Bardi. In: Lina Bo Bardi 100. Architecture Museum, Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich; Published by Hatje Cantz. Film and interview: Zé Celso Martinez Corrêa, Edmar de Almeida, Suzuki, Danilo Santos de Miranda; with Ana Gabriela Castello dos Santos. SHOW & TELL – Architekturgeschichte(n) aus der Sammlung; Co-curator. (2013) Architektur auf Zeit. Provisorien; group exhibition, in: Schaustelle Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich; The secret life of plants; Exhibition: Art Pavilion in the Old Botanical Garden, Munich. With Pk Odessa Co. (2012) Theodor Fischer. Urban spaces Munich; exhibition in Architekturgalerie München; with STB TUM; Pk Odessa Co. Theodor Fischer, Atlas; Research and photography; Publication with Sophie Wolfrum, Alexandra Block, Franz Schiermeier; Munich. (2011) Heterotopia; group exhibition, in Edificio-Sede do Banco Central do Brasil, Brasilia –DF (2010) Disclosing City Mumbai; Curator, Photography; exhibition in Architekturgalerie München, with STB, TUM; Pk Odessa Co. Watson House, Mumbai, Urban metaphor; Readability of historical events and social phenomena in architectural space; Research and photography. Perlen, Selected buildings and places in Munich; with Pk. Odessa Co; Publication and exhibition Architekturgalerie München. (2009) Multiple City; Exhibition: Co-curator, photography; In: Hamburg Museum, Hamburg. (2008) Multiple City. Exhibition, Publication: Cocurator, photography; In: Architecture Museum, Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich; (2007) A toda costa; Exhibition: curator, organizer, in: Architecture Gallery Munich

Word: numerous lectures, talks, articles

Work in progress: Heterotopie Brasilia, Interaction of four urbanistic scales; Reaction of the iconographic presence of images to the reception and development of the city; Research and photography.

markus lanz

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